April 30, 2012

World largest rainbow parade galore!

As promised (OK a bit late, but I am still paying for my crazy weekend :P), these are the photos of the rainbow parade that Jessi Arrington organized last Saturday for her birthday.

We wore crazy colors, learned a few choreographed steps, marched with a band over the Brooklyn bridge, enjoyed rainbow cupcakes, danced and scored a world record for the largest rainbow parade! AHAHAH WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!

April 28, 2012

World largest rainbow parade

Yes guys, I am a world record holder! I was one of the 179 people (plus a couple of fellow quadrupeds) 
to parade over the Brooklyn bridge wearing... the rainbow!

Jessi Arrington organized the event to celebrate colors, parades, fun times and her birthday!
The guys of Record Setter made the whole record business official.

Here you can find my coverage of the event (best time ever and my very first time IN a parade ever!).

Space Shuttle Enterprise over New York

Space Shuttle Enterprise took a piggy-back-ride on a NASA Boeing 747 over New York city on Friday 27th. It landed at the JFK airport and its final destination will be the Intrepid museum, where it is scheduled to be on display starting July 2012.

April 27, 2012

Enterprise flies over New York!

The nerd in me was so happy when I found out that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was flying over New York! It departed form Washington, DC this morning, flew twice over the Hudson river, said hi to the Statue of Liberty and arrived at the JFK airport. 

For a perfect view, I went to the river near the Intrepid museum. So exciting!

Fortune cookie cameras go wild

Ahhhh, I like when their messages are so encouraging!

The funny thing is that my horoscope on The L Magazine was suggesting me to move to the northern tip of Baffin Island... but guys, I don't like cold weather, I really don't! So I hope that there does not mean Alaska! :D

April 24, 2012

Making contact with a bunny

the cutest bunny... that works in a salon in the Lower East Side, NY hahahaha

He made me laugh so hard and was pretty vain :)

April 22, 2012

Earth Day (in a can)

To celebrate Earth Day 2012, and cheer me up in this rainy and gloomy day, I have embarked in an easy project...

Grow lavender in a can (kindly provided by my best friend Diana)!!!
I have more ambitious plans for my home garden, but it is a start and it will make the apartment smell so good :)

April 20, 2012

Like swimming in the sky!

A representative of the US Trampoline Team... floating in Times Square on April 18th!

(the image is a GIF animation, refresh the page or click on the picture if it is not moving :D)

April 19, 2012

Jumping to the London Olympics

To celebrate the 100 days to the London Olympic games, Times Square turned into a giant gym.

I agree with the billboards: Mamma Mia! and Nice Work!

April 17, 2012

Summer in my head

And also outside, considering the temperature!
Ahhh, I am so longing for beaches, ice creams and luna parks!

Have a good day, I am heading out to get a floral dress (that I will show you soon).

April 16, 2012

Pillow Fight NYC 2012...

Part two, eye candy.
Do you see why it is worth it to fight for dear life among crazy pillow-fighters...?

To see a warrior unicorn, of course!
Have a good week you guys.

April 13, 2012

Feel your boobies!

That's right, feel your boobies because it could save your life!
Feel Your Boobies® is a breast cancer non-profit organization that promotes unconventional awareness campaigns. The organization was founded by Leigh Hurst in 2004, after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, and its mission is to remind women of the importance of knowing and feeling their own bodies, as well as to encourage pier-to-pier support. On April 12th, New York city witnessed a joyful and hopeful flash mob. Volunteers and random passersby formed a chain of bras that looped around Union Square. The bras were donated to support the cause and, according to the organizers, the 400+ bras made a chain about 1200-foot long!

 volunteers in action

the chain unrolls

 Ms. Leigh Hurst, the founder

Passersby... who did not mind AT ALL the task! :)

For more information or to support the cause, visit their website Feel Your Boobies® or their FaceBook page.

April 12, 2012

Pillow fight NYC 2012

Part one, from the core of the action!

Captions would be: Whack, Ouch, Swish, Bang, Slap, Bam & Pow
And of course I had my share of pillows on my face... WHAP!

April 11, 2012

Easter Parade NYC 2012

From yellow
to orange

to red!

It almost felt like the Venetian carnival. What a fabulous event!

April 10, 2012


This is how I have been feeling lately... How have you been?
Anyway, I will be right back with more photos from the parade and the pillow fight!

April 9, 2012

Easter Parade on 5th Ave

Happy people showing off their amazing Easter- and spring-inspired outfits and hats on 5th Ave, New York!
You know me: parades, colorful and smiley people, street food = pure LOVE!
Ah, you might remember the last gentleman from another parade... apparently I'm not the only parade enthusiast here! ;)

April 8, 2012

Bits of my weekend

liberating pillow fights in Washington square

astonishing Easter Parade on 5th Ave

and indoor picnic!
Not bad at all, aside for my sniffling -- thank you, spring allergy.
more tomorrow...

April 7, 2012


Easter_Passover_weekend, you choose! What's important is that you have a good time.

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